The battle of Metaverses is upon us admin May 17, 2022

The battle of Metaverses is upon us

But is this a fight worth fighting?

First, you should know what that fight is about and what it means for you.

This is about the future of the Internet as you know it.

Open and accessible, or controlled and designed by prominent actors with agendas that do not have your well-being in mind.

“Meta,” aka Facebook, aims to be your new digital home, in which you are to share everything for free – just like Facebook in its beginning.

It is now supercharged with the latest technology.

 The metaverse ecosystem allows human users to live and play within an autonomous, persistent and shared realm via:

  • smart screens
  • augmented and virtual devices
  • connected to everything everywhere at all times

“Meta” asks you to connect your real identity with the Metaverse.

So, everything you do in the Metaverse will be tied to you personally.

Here is the thing!

There is a significant difference between playing a game online for a while and entering the Metaverse.

You can stop playing a game.

You cannot stop being part of the Metaverse if you allow it to essentially become an integrated part of your life.

The simple step to turn off your smartphone will appear like a luxury of the past.

Think that through.

While in the Metaverse, a digital twin of yourself will exist and continuously develop to simulate and extrapolate your behavior.

You will have no control over the creation of this digital twin, nor do you own it.

You will not just be targeted by ads.

Your psychological and behavioral patterns will be used to influence your behavior and way of thinking – all this beyond your control.

Why do we know this?

It is what already happens on a smaller scale today.

It is not the question of if the Metaverse will come.

It will.

You need to ask yourself what version of the Metaverse you want to be part of your life.

It is essential that we openly discuss how we want technology to serve us and not become entities of technological power games.