Company lifecycles get shorter admin January 20, 2021

Company lifecycles get shorter

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New contenders grow at exponential rates.

Do you feel your business is in danger?

40% of EU company employees are certain their companies will disappear in the next ten years if they don’t radically change themselves.

Those values came out of a study before the pandemic.

We may assume that the critical impact of this crisis has not changed the sentiment for the better.

And here is how CEOs rank their companies’ top internal priorities regarding the future:

Top 5:

  • Attraction and retention of top talent
  • Create new business models because of disruptive technologies
  • Create a modern innovation culture
  • Develop “next-gen” leaders
  • Cost reduction

Again, we see a huge need for digital transformation, which goes beyond IT and technology projects.

Still, the current project landscape has too many transformations that focus on technology implementation and efficiency gains.

Who prepares the organization for transformational change?

Where are these “next-gen” leaders that activate organizations beyond making numbers?

Time to re-focus your transformation efforts.

There are no excuses.