Talk the talk, walk the walk
Ventures admin June 16, 2022

We are not just another management consultancy that preaches about innovative tools and methodologies. We build our own ventures and take them to the market. We employ the same internally that we also bring to your organization to create new organizational setups successfully.

Check out our latest portfolio:

Together with "Lotti" we make your buildings smarter within minutes.
  • Implement flexible workplaces
  • Monitor air quality
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Smart sensor solutions for every project
"Innovation is real work, and it can and should be managed like any other corporate function."

These words by Peter F. Drucker inspire our daily work.

Acquire the future, not the past! Innovation capabilities are at the core of sustainably successful businesses in the 21st century. Hardly ever are those capabilities properly measured and priced into potential targets.

  • Transparency on digital innovation capabilities
  • Disruption risk of the current business model
  • Protection from overpaying
  • Prevents underestimating your target's value